Bangladesh’s First & Biggest ISO Certified Agro Waste Based

Sodium Silicate

Only Green & Circular chemical company in Bangladesh.

Circular Economy


Industrial Applications

Ceramic Industry

Binder, Slip Casting, Slurry Thinner, Clay
Refining Acid Resistance Frits

Cleaning Industry

Surfactants, Corrosion Inhibitor,
Water Softener

Concrete Industry

Reduce Porosity, Quick Setting,
Increased Strength

Packaging Industry

High Strength, Moisture Resistance,
Heat Resistance & Fast Set – Adhesive

Pulp & Paper

Peroxide Bleaching, De-Inking,
High Strength

Paint Industry

Silica Based Paint

Steel & Re-Rolling

Deoxidizer & Anti Corrosion

Textile Factory

Preoxide Bleaching, Pad-Batch Dyeing

oral care

Toothpaste Industry

Oral Care

Welding Electrodes

Binder, Fire Resistance,
Moisture Resistance

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Our Products

Oral Grade

Soap Grade

Welding Electrodes Grade

Textile Grade (A)


Clean & Green

By adhering to international quality standards, Super Silica provides you with superior silicates. Our unique quality assurance program identifies parameters to control silicate clarity – an industry benchmark for quality silicate.


Wide Range of  Silicates

Our broad silicate product lines have been engineered for versatility. Super Silica offers a wide spectrum of performance properties and physical characteristics, including weight ratios that range from 2.0-3.2 SiO2:Na2O, and densities from 35 to 53 Baume.


Zero Impurities

SSBL’s unique Green technology enables production of green sodium silicates with absolute Zero Impurities along with maximum percentage of silica. It has received accreditation from ISO for its Green production methods. The products have weight ratios ranging from 2.0-3.2 SiO2:Na2O & densities from 35-53 Baume.


Lowest Iron Content

By adhering to International Quality Standards & Continuous Improvement Orientation, SSBL has achieved a significant industrial benchmark by ensuring production of Green Sodium Silicates with less than 10 PPM iron, which is considered as the Lowest Iron Content in the entire local industry. SSBL’s core Green technology is reinforced by its unique quality assurance program to identify & maintain the required parameters to control the silicate clarity.


Zero VOC

Super Silica products have Zero Volatile Organic Compound.

BCSIR Certificate


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