Advantages of

Agro Waste Based

Green Technology Process

Green Technology Process Conventional Process
Biomass Based & carbon free technology. Silica sand based process which produces air & water pollution.
By-products are developed during the process. One of them gets recycled, and the other one generates additional revenue. Non by-products from the conventional manufacturing.
Low Power Consumption in view of considerably lower operating temperature. High Power Consumption compared to the Green process.
No Air/Liquid Pollution. Considerable Air/Liquid pollution.
Considerable Water Saving due to recycling of the water being reused. No water saving.
By-Product Activated Carbon. No by-product
  • Enabling access to clean green products.
  • Contributing towards zero poverty & unemployment.
  • Establishing strong stakeholder relationships.
  • Closed loop green circular production model.
  • Zero effluent released into the environment.
  • Green utilization of a harmful agro-waste.
  • Contributing to achieve net zero carbon emissions.

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